Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In-Reach Update

As many of our readers know, In-Reach Heathen Prison Services is an effort undertaken by The Troth, Distelfink Sippschaft, and numerous individuals who are concerned about the toxic environment to incarcerated Heathens. 

While some states are fairly well advanced in allowing Heathens access to ceremonies, others are still learning what Heathenry is (and is not). For many administrators and chaplains, Heathenry is an enigma, and most of their direct contact is tainted by white supremacism.

Many inmates convert to Heathenry while incarcerated, and the types of materials and individuals who control the discussion often create the inmates' understanding of what it means to be Heathen.

We've been working hard to provide positive Heathen materials to inmates, administrators, and chaplains. We are slowly beginning to see some successes.

Starting tomorrow, In-Reach is conducting its first Yule ceremonies in New Jersey with chaplain and administration support (which is a milestone). The ceremonies will be in six compounds in three facilities. 

Hail to the gods! Hail to the goddesses!