Saturday, February 8, 2014

Othala Rune

There is a strange rumor circulating around Facebook that reads something like this:

"Apparently the Elder Futhark has one too many Runes according to Heathens Against Hate and The American Asatru Association. These groups have organized their members to complain to Facebook about this Rune and as a result FB has deleted all images of the Othala Rune from the Women of Asatru page. No one in either of these groups is a coreligionist of mine."

Just for the record, Heathens Against Hate has done no such thing. In fact, HAH has worked to make all of the runes MORE available to everyone, including incarcerated Heathens or to Heathens in mental health facilities, etc. 

While we cannot presume to speak for the American Asatru Association (AAA), we have been in contact with its manager and administrator, who ensure HAH that the AAA has also engaged in no such action.

Let's be clear:

Anything that states that HAH has any opinion to the contrary is a falsehood, and the agenda of those who propagate such absurdities should be examined.

Thank you.

The HAH Team