Friday, May 17, 2013

Changes to HAH

Hail all!

As I begin reconstruction of the HAH messages and theories, I wish to describe the direction in which we are headed. Much of this is still in an evolving state, so the end results may vary a bit.

For starters, we're encumbered a bit by the term "hate." While I think most folks know what kind of "hate" HAH is referring to in its current messages, we have to be clear that there are different types and levels of "hate" or "hatred." These different types and aspects need to be worked out.

Most of us recognize that mindless bigotry against those of other races, sexual orientations, and nationalities is a destructive force. However, we have other types of insidious bigotries that must also be addressed. For example:

- Non-Heathen bigotry against Heathens
- Racial bigotry in any direction
- Automatic suspicion of Folkish groups as racist
- Unfounded use of "racist" as a political weapon
- Many other permutations, including shunning and "blue gate" concepts (which will be described at a later time)

It will take some time to work through these philosophies. Thank you for bearing with us.

Robert L. Schreiwer

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