Friday, May 24, 2013

The Dramatic Suicide of Dominique Venner

The suicide of French radical racist, Dominique Venner, on May 21, 2013 in Notre Dame Cathedral is of some import to the Heathen community. 

Venner spent decades undertaking efforts to revive the French Empire and pursuing French nationalist causes based mostly in hatred. The impetus for Venner's dramatic suicide was the passing of same-sex marriage legislation in France. 

Many observers, commentators, and even some on the far right fringe of the Blogosphere are juxtaposing Venner's philosophies with "Germanic paganism," which, of course is a root shared with much of Heathenry. His suicide is serving as a rallying point for extreme racist elements, which is casting a shadow of hatred over our religion and heritage in the public's perception.

HAH rejects the linking of our deities with hateful forces that are obsessed with the ideas of creating a world that could not exist without the murder and forced removal of millions of people. These self-destructive ideas do not bring bright fame or glory to our Gods, Goddesses, ancestors, descendants, or cultures.

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