Monday, May 6, 2013

Response to Media Descriptions of Asatru in the Clements' Murder

The murder of Colorado Department of Corrections chief Tom Clements has shaken the Heathen community, particularly because the primary murder suspect, Evan Ebel, self-identifies as Asatru.

I am sure many folks in the Heathen community remember the sensationalized reporting surrounding Dan Halloran in New York City. The press ridiculed his Theodish religion. On the heels of that incident, we now have something far more dire to confront.

The media reports include references to Asatru as a "controversial religion," and that was among the least offensive comments made about the religion in this case.

The Troth today came out with its response to the Evan Ebel issue. As the author of the response, I will say that I am very pleased to see The Troth proactively taking on the issue of racial radicalization in the prison systems.

This is the first post on this new Heathens Against Hate blog, and it is most appropriate that it comes at a time when the public is being led by the media to a skewed understanding of what Heathenry is and who Heathens are.

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  1. I wil be posting a a copy of it in ACTION as I agree the proactive way is the way to go. never allow outsiders to define your religion.